The Henniker Youth Athletic Committee is a volunteer organization run by a board comprised of Henniker residents. This committee and its programs are not affiliated with or administered by the Henniker Community School. However, along with the town, H

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Softball  Softball Overview  


The Softball Season is right around the corner! Online registration will begin in January.

Erich Adler is the softball director for the Henniker Youth Athletics Committee.

What is the purpose of the Henniker Youth Athletic Committee?
The Henniker Youth Athletic Committee is a town-based organization whose mission is to provide rewarding athletic opportunities for Henniker youth. Children participating in our programs will experience a positive environment focused on learning the rules, skills and strategies of the sport, good sportsmanship, and teamwork. Henniker’s approach to athletics ensures that every child has the opportunity to participate regardless of their skill.


Softball Flyer - click here for a table of important information about the Softball and T-Ball Season that you can print.


What league does Henniker play in? 

Henniker softball is chartered with Babe Ruth, and Kearsarge Mountain South (KMS) league. For softball, KMS encompasses  Bradford, Henniker, Hillsborough, Sunapee, Warner, & Weare.


Softball League Links:
Directions to all fields can be found at:


When does the season start?

Outside practices  generally start during the first week of April, weather permitting, and games usually start in the first week of May.  Typically some indoor sessions start in late February or early March.

How long does the season last?

The regular season ends at about the same time school ends in June. If you child chooses to try out for an All-Star team and is selected, she could be playing through July.

What are the different age levels?

Age 5-6: The 5-6 Tee Ball program serves as an introduction to the game, focusing on learning fundamentals and having fun. Players start the season batting from a tee, until they are ready for the coaches to pitch to them. Teams usually practice once a week. Games are played in Henniker on Saturdays, and last about an hour. No scores or standings are kept. There are no outs, and all players play the field and bat each inning. Each player receives a hat to keep and a shirt to be returned.

Age 7-8 Softball (8U): At the Rookie softball level, players begin to refine their skills and learn how the game is played. The games are more structured, and traditional positions are played in the field. The team's coach pitches, and the sides switch when either the batting team scores four runs, or the fielding team makes three outs. Games are five innings, and usually run about an hour and a half. A scorebook is kept. All players are in the batting order, and no player sits on the bench for two consecutive innings. Teams usually practice once a week, and play both home and away games against Hillsboro, Warner, Sunapee, Bradford, and WeareAt this level, softball players use a 10 inch RIF ball.

10U (10 and under) Softball (10U): For softball players at this 9-10 level, most of the traditional softball rules are followed. Special rules include a four runs-per-inning rule, and players who pitch are limited to three innings per game and six innings per week. All players are in the batting order, and every player must play at least two innings in the field. 10U softball players use an 11 inch ball, pitch from 35 feet, and cannot lead.

12U (12 and under) Softball (12U): At this level, softball players use a 12 inch ball, pitch from 40 feet, and are allowed to steal. Halfway through the season, pitching rules are relaxed and player may pitch six innings in one game (but are still limited to six innings per week). A maximum of 5 runs may be scored per team per inning . The 6th inning will be an open run inning. All players must play at least two innings in the field, and come up to bat at least once a game. Games are played against other towns, and there are playoffs at the end of the season.

16U (16 and under) Softball (16U): At this level, softball players use a 12 inch ball, pitch from 43 feet. The team plays in Kearsarge Mountain South, but may also play Concord teams as well. Most of the traditional softball rules are followed. All players must play at least two innings in the field, and come up to bat at least once a game. There are playoffs at the end of the season.

How do I determine my child's age level?

You must be 5 years old by April 30th of the current year to be eligible to play Tee Ball.
The cut off date for all softball levels is the last day of the previous year. For example, softball players who are 12 years old or younger on December 31st are eligible to play 12U the following spring see the offcial Babe Ruth Age Chart additional information

Do you hold tryouts?

Henniker softball is recreational, so there are no tryouts for the regular season. Every player who signs up is placed on a team. Once the regular season is underway, tryouts are used to select All-Star teams for players at the 10U level and above. These All-Star teams are comprised of players from several towns, not just Henniker.

How much playing time will my child get?

Henniker softball is recreational, and all players will play in every game.

Who makes the All-Star team?

Starting at 10U level, all players are eligible to try out for an All-Star team, which plays after the regular season ends. During a series of All-Star tryouts, players are evaluated based on their performance and attitudes, and an All-Star team is selected. The all-star experience offers more instruction, and practices may be held daily. The All-Star teams may compete throughout most of the summer. The All-Star teams include players from any town within the Kearsarge Mountain South League.

How do I volunteer to be a coach?

Henniker softball is always looking for volunteers to coach.
Contact the Henniker softball director Erich Adler


Please email  if you have any questions or concerns.